Address By the President

Time passing by, in the twinkling of an eye, 18 years has passed since the company was established.

In the past 18 years, thanks to its staff members' passion and spirit of pioneers, the company has survived and thrived changing market conditions and business environments, and established foothold in Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Russia-Central Asia and North America with 49 oil and gas exploration and development projects covering 26 countries around the world. The annual output of equity oil and gas has now stabilized at more than 290MMBOE; and the cumulative investment has exceeded 100 billion US dollars. The company is gradually forming a pattern of "dual emphasis on both oil and natural gas, on both onshore and offshore, and balanced development of conventional and unconventional ".

As a SINOPEC company specializing in overseas upstream investment and operation, the company will adhere to SINOPEC's mission of “better energy for better living”, continue to support the economic development and environmental protection of resource countries, practice sustainable development, promote coordinated development of the company, the communities and the environment, and set sail together with SINOPEC on a journey towards a world-class energy and chemical company. Besides, the company, together with resource countries, IOCs and NOCs, will continue to be a responsible player in global oil and gas market to ensure global energy security and benefit all people in the world.

At the new stage in the new era, with the main objectives of "eliminating risks, straightening out management, optimizing the structure", the company is consolidating its resource base, improving its internationalized management system, sharpening its international competitiveness. Bearing in mind its original intention and mission and embracing the spirit of bravery, entrepreneurship and innovation, the company will make joint efforts with you for a brighter tomorrow.


Vice-President of Sinopec Group

President of SIPC​​