Environmental Protection

We have fulfilled our commitments in the global environmental protection action by conducting elaborate environmental protection management, applying new technologies and new equipment, strengthening energy efficiency management, constantly optimizing the energy structure, reducing carbon emissions, and improving resource utilization efficiency in the process of oil and gas exploration and production around the world.

The local fishermen in SIPC Cameroon smoke fish using solar energy instead of firewood, reducing carbon emissions and protecting the atmosphere and the coastal forest resources. Besides, contributions have been made to improving the local environment and biodiversity by supporting seedling planting projects to restore the local damaged forest resources.

In order to effectively protect the local environment, in the Andes Project, Ecuador, two integrated environmental protection centers have been established in the hinterland of the Amazon rainforest, realizing zero emissions of waste

Waste liquid - oil-water separation - sediment - non-toxic treatment

Oily soil - recovery - oxidation plus bacteria treatment

Inorganic waste -classification and sorting - recycling center

Domestic wastewater - chemical degradation - emissions after meeting the standard requirements

Domestic solid waste- sorting, recycling, burying to generate manure

Organic waste -buried and covered with sawdust- organic fertilizer - vegetation restoration in nursery cultivation gardens

Well drilling wastewater-treatment to meet the standard requirements-reinjection into the formation

Drilling Mud-dry burial

Dangerous solid waste - transported to the designated processors