Social Responsibility​

intergrated environmental protection centers

While promoting our own development, we actively fulfill corporate social responsibility through poverty alleviation, donation of aid, support for community construction, participation in social welfare, promotion of local employment, protection of ecological environment, strict compliance with international conventions and local laws and regulations continuously strengthen cultural communication and exchanges, and realize the integration into the local, development of local, and contribution to the local.

Developing Local Employees, Supporting Local economic development, participating in local social welfare, funding local children for education

The Kazakhstan Company advocates mutual development of employees and enterprise, regularly optimizes local employees to China for professional technical and diverse culture training.

By promoting modern agricultural livestock technology, Columbia company has increased the production capacity of farmers around the oilfield.

The Sinopec Canadian supports the local dragon boat races through the “SINOPEC Shining Communities” Project, effectively spreading Chinese elements.​

The “Dream Scholarship Program” implemented by Mansarovar Energy in Columbia benefits dozens of young students.


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