Water pipeline project financed by Sinopec Argentina is put into operation

On September 15, the commissioning ceremony was held for the urban utility water pipeline project jointly constructed by Sinopec Argentina Exploration and Production,Inc and Argentina Santa Cruz Provincial government.

This is one of the follow-up construction projects of Sinopec ever since it took over OXY Argentina assets. The project was to build an 8 kilometer long water supply pipeline with 16 inch in diameter, designed to supply water to the southern oilfield town Pico Truncado. With the project completed and put into operation, the local difficulties in water supplies will be significantly easedp>

For the last 4 years since Sinopec started its operations in Argentina, Sinopec has been actively engaged in local livelihood construction projects, building up a bridge of friendship amongst the company, the government and local citizens. The company has completed successively construction aids projects of three youth education and activity centers, one biodiversity natural conservation area, and two city parks.


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