Promote cultural integration and team building

Selected foreignemployees of Sinopec Canada share an on-the-spot record of their visit to China

In the golden autumn of October, SinopecCanada company continued to carry out a series of “One Team, One Goal”activities, with the theme of “Multicultural Cognition and Feelings” andnominated two employees to attend the training of the Group Company and SIPCand to share the feelings and understandings of the trip to China. According tothe instructions of the company’s leader Tan Wenfang, through the personalexperience of a few key employees, Canada’s most important foreign employeeswill be driven to have a deeper understanding of SIPC, SINOPEC, and anincreasingly powerful China. The training effect of outstanding foreignemployees will be maximized, and cultural integration and team building will bepromoted to a deeper level.

In recent years, in order to promote thecultural integration of overseas projects and publicize SINOPEC and Chi neseculture, SINOPEC and SIPC have successively offered a series of dometictraining courses for outstanding foreign employees. Sinopec Canada has beenincreasing its efforts to send foreign employees to Beijing for training. RyanHansen, head of the Wapiti project, was sent to attend the group’s 7th foreignmanager training course in 2018. Danielle Demmans and Mark Dzikowski, seniorgeologists, attended the first foreign employee training course organised bySIPC in September 2019.

At 8: 30 am on October 3, more than 80Chinese and foreign employees of Sinopec Canada gathered to participate in atheme-sharing meeting. Chen Guangjun, CEO of the company, and the managementteam attended the meeting and made in-depth comments on the shared content fromtime to time. Ryan, Danielle and Mark introduced what they saw and heard whenthey went to Beijing to attend the training from different angles, and theircognition and feelings towards Chinese culture, SINOPEC and SIPC. They alsotalked about their introduction to the “four new inventions” of high-speedrail, mobile payment, online shopping and bicycle sharing, as well as theiroverall experience and impressions of the phenomenal growth in China.

Ryan focused on sharing SINOPEC’sdevelopment strategy, corporate culture, integrated industrial layout of upper,middle and lower levels, and strong international strength and position.Danielle and Mark focused on sharing China’s extensive and profound traditionalculture, history, development planning, opportunities and challenges, and thedevelopment of “One Team, One Goal” activities. At the same time, theymentioned the support and ardent hope of SIPC for Sinopec Canada, which encouragedthe employees present and made them feel sense of responsibility and urgency.

The sharing meetinglasted for more than two hours. During the whole process, everyone was engagedand the atmosphere was lively. From time to time, applause and exclamationswere issued. Everyone said that this sharing gave  the opportunity to know more about China,SINOPEC and SIPC, and to feel proud to be an employee of a major internationalcompany. Some employees also sent emails to the HR Manager, thanking the companyfor organising such an insightful session. Local employees who did not attendthe sharing meeting for various reasons also went to the HR Department to askfor PPT documents and related materials of the sharing meeting, saying thatthey were interested to view the contents. With good working attitude andexcellent work results, they would also have the opportunity to go to Beijingto receive training, tour parts of China, and feel the corporate culture charmof SINOPEC and SIPC in close proximity.

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