Semgaliev Alibek: A model worker from Kazakhstan

Semgaliev Alibek is the deputy managerof SZK, a subsidiary of SIPC Kazakhstan, and also a member of maslikhat(the local elected agency)of Atyrau region. He is veryresponsible and circumspect at work and treats his job wholeheartedly.Hehas fully devoted himself to his work. Facing the situation that SZK’s oilfieldis already at middle-later period of development, characterized by high watercut wells,aging equipments, his team has successfully reduced the productioncosts and increased the efficiency of production, ensuring SZK oilfields canaccomplish its annual goals.

Safety is the top priority. Alibek andhis team have placed great emphasis on safety management, and he alwaysactively propagates Sinopec’s concepts of safety management. Due to successfulemployment of effective measures and policies, there have been no major safetyissues during the past few years.

At the same time, in order to deal withthe declining outputs, Alibek has optimized exploration measures and appliednew technologies. For four consecutive years, the output has been successfullymaintained at the level of more than 90,000 tons per year which reaches theannual production goal.

In order to reduce production costs,Alibek carefully analyzed all related data and strictly implemented costreduction and efficiency enhancement measures throughout the whole productionprocess. His suggestions and measures have effectively reduced costs,contributing to achieve profit targets.

He also actively participates inAtyrau’s public affairs and served as a maslikjat member of Atyrau region. Onbehalf of SZK, he was rewarded by Nazarbayev,the president of Kazakhstan whohighly commended Alibek and his team for their achievements. Moreover, theirteam has also made a lot of public welfare investment which fulfills theircommitment to build a socially responsible and conscious enterprise.

Alibek also dedicates himself tocultural integration and exchange between China and Kazakhstan and strives toprotect the interests of all investors. He has overcome a lot of obstaclesalong with his Chinese colleagues, and they have made great effort to expand thebusiness steadily and globally. He was honored with the title of"model worker" by Sinopec in 2018.

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