Gaining Wisdom through Team Learning

On October 10, a team learning seminar was held in Beijing, which centered on “identifying the challenge and solving the problems faced by that SIPC faces”. It laid a solid foundation for the strategy of “Reduce reducing Losses and Create creating Profits with the Sustainable Development. 


Mr. Guo Yueliang and Mr. Wu Hengzhi served as the General Coach and the Head Coach respectively., more than 70 senior and middle level and above managers and business leaders backbones from the head- quarter SIPC departments attended. Mr. Guo Yueliang pointed out that the purpose of team learning was to agree on the same philosophies, cohere gain wisdom s and gather strengths. Managers at all levels should enhance their sense of responsibility towards SIPC’s mission and success responsibilities  and  senses of mission, take the overall interests and the SIPC benefits as priority and accountability for the actions. Communications should be enhanced between the headquarters HQ and overseas units so as to ensure implementation of all policies and strategies of Sinopec and SIPC.


Mr. Guo Yueliang stressed that the key to team learning was the application and transformation of achievements. Currently, SIPC has already confirmed the “14th Five-Year Development Plan.”. All units should combine the development plan with SIPC’s key tasks so that all core tasks for the fourth quarter of 2020 and the year of 2021 are comprehensively planned. All measures for completing tasks should be refined, schedules specified, duties and responsibilities assigned, and supervision and feedback should be well in progress. On the foundation of conscientious summary and sufficient research, all units should combine the development plan with SIPC’s key tasks so that all the core tasks for the fourth quarter of the year and the year of 2021 could have been comprehensively planed. All measures for completing tasks should be refined, all time nodes should be specified, all duties and responsibilities should be accommodated, and supervision and feedback should be well in progress.


Mr. Guo Yueliang required that the team should take the seminar learning as an opportunity to cohere wisdoms and gather strengths, encouraged all in attendance to strive to reach for realization  of the goals and tasks for the year with the firm resolution and strive attitude,  to and create a positive outlook  upbeat back- drop for the “14th “Five Year Development Plan.”, and made great efforts to  He promoted promote the initiative of to reduce losses and create profits “Reduce Losses and Create Profits” and make new progress for towards the sustainable development.


Mr. Wu Hengzhi raised highlighted three requirements, “Strict, Practical and Accurate” ,for the team learning : “Strict” refers to strictly observinge disciplines with serious attitude ; “Practical” demands to seek truth from facts, and make practical and effective measures to solve problems; “Accurate” means to find out the key parameters and urgent issues restricting the development of SIPC and make precise countermeasures accordingly. 


Multiple sessions were set up at the meeting including teaming up, information sharing, discussion and report, etc. The a and attendees were divided into seven groups for discussion and brainstorming. each of which followed four steps -- identifying the problems honestly, seek the truth deeply, finding solutions comprehensively, achieve the targets industriously -- to carry out the discussion and provide the constructive suggestions. The General Coach and the Head Coach participated in each group, for discussing, listened to their people’s opinions and gave their comments on each topic. There were 4 classes of root causes concluded in 8 categories are summarized which mainly covering corporate governance, development strategy, asset optimization, overseas management, risk control, work- style and construction. Next, in combination with the “14th Five Year Development Plan” and the key tasks of SIPC, rRelevant departments and units will be connected, the measures and plans will be refined, the time node schedules will be specified, and the learning results outcomes will be effectively integrated into the specific work. 

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