New Branding by Sinopec Group

Sinopec Group recently released the latest branding, which further clarifies the brand image of Sinopec, making the brand more coordinated with the strategic goal of building a world leading company in clean energy and chemicals. Branding consists of brand proposition, brand personality and brand slogan.


Brand proposition: Innovation leads the industry’s future responsibility creates a better life

The brand allegation indicates that Sinopec takes the promotion of low-carbon transformation of global energy as its goal and pursuit, leads the future of energy and chemical industry with innovation, creates a better life for mankind by taking responsibility, and builds a world-leading brand in energy and chemical industry with the spirit of “driving innovation and assuming responsibility”.


Brand Personality: Responsible, pragmatic, and intelligent

The image of Sinopec resembles a responsible (quality), pragmatic (style), and intelligent (ability) person.

Brand Slogan: Cleaner Energy, Better Life

“Cleaner Energy, Better Life” will appear in all media released by Sinopec together with Sinopec brand. “Cleaner Energy” emphasizes innovation and highlights clean energy. “Better Life” emphasizes benefiting people’s livelihood, giving back to society, and fueling a better life.

Sinopec hopes that all employees will keep our brand in mind and understand the close relationship between the brand and their own jobs. “Innovating Responsibly” should be conscious behaviors practiced by all staff as we work together to build a world leading clean energy and chemical company. 

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